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solutions showcase to customers needs

Need 1.
Consistent and reliable officers.

Our Solution: Comprehensive, standardized training available to officers in a variety of formats.

- Security Officer Basic Course
- On-the-Job Site-Specific Training
- Periodic Refresher Training

- Training is available online 24/7 to fit any employee's    schedule
- Topics are site-specific and relevant to our customers'    facilities
- Archangel's training approach strengthens employee morale    and contributes to lower turnover rates



Need 2.
Officers who are better equipped to handle emergencies.

Our Solution: Specialized training addressing a variety of emergency situations.

- Fire Safety Officer (FSO) w/ HAZMAT Training
- CPR/First Aid Certification
- National Incident Management System (NIMS/ICS) Training &    Certification

- Comprehensive fire safety course covers various aspects of fire detection and prevention
- Many Archangel trainers are certified instructors for First Aid/CPR    and Automated External Defibrillation (AED). Training can be    conducted at our offices or right at your site.
- Well-indexed employee instructional manuals are available in    printed form as well as electronically, and are designed for quick    reference in case of emergency