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solutions showcase to customers needs

Need 3.
Officers who can meet changing security requirements and challenges.

Our Solution: Ongoing training and career development..

- Master Security Officer (MSO) Certification
- Management Training
- Professionalism in Security Management (PRISM)

- Advanced educational programs provide in-depth, innovative    training and are a mix of self-study and classroom programs
- A variety of programs are designed to help prepare    employees for the challenges of leadership, meaning better    prepared supervisors and managers, lower turnover and    quality security programs for our customers.


Need 4.
Employees who are better equipped to handle emergencies.

Our Solution: Training addressing a variety of emergency situations at the workplace.

- Dealing with Angry Customers
- Identifying Physical and Emotional Stress Signals
- Identifying and Reacting to Possible Threats at the    Workplace

-The client can rely on his/her workforce being better able to    handle emergency situations at the workplace.
- The client develops the existing workforce ability to contribute    to the safety and security of their workplace.
- Well-indexed employee instructional manuals are available    in printed form as well as electronically, andare designed for    quick reference in case of emergency .